The Noi 2030 Framework: Achieving Gender Equality and Empowerment of Adolescents Girls, Presented by: Dr. Tej Ram Jat, Ph.D Programme Specialist ASRH UNFPA, Lao PDR



  • The Lao PDR has 700,230 adolescent girls aged 10-19 years (Census 2015).
  • Estimated 200,000 (29%) of them belong to the most vulnerable groups based on rural residence, ethnicity, poverty and nutritional status.
  • Adolescent girls face multiple vulnerabilities such as lack of access to information on sexual and reproductive health and they face the challenges of child marriage, adolescent pregnancy, increased risk of illness and disabilities.
  • Adolescent girls need special attention and specific interventions for their empowerment, however, they did not receive appropriate attention in the policies, programmes and MDGs.
  • SDG agenda with the vision of ‘leaving no one behind’ considers adolescents as critical stakeholders.
  • To make sure that adolescent girls are not left behind, the Noi approach has been developed.

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