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About SDG4A

Sustainable Development Goals for Adolescents

Sustainable Development Goals for Adolescents

SDG4A is a Network for Researchers, Development partners, and Stakeholders within the field of Adolescent Health in the Mekong Region (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam). This website wants to bring actors together in an attempt to join forces to create a body of evidence that can be used for high level decision-making and programming purposes. It is an effort to increase the investment in adolescents and resources for adolescent responsive interventions. The network was kicked-off during the Adolescent Research Day held in Vientiane, Lao PDR, hosted by the National Institute of Public Health, UNFPA Lao PDR and MCNV.

DG4A Objectives

The SDG4A network website was established with the objective to create a virtual platform of interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing where each agency can request membership, create their own profile and share resources with other members. The website aims to establish new cross-country and interdisciplinary collaborations to build a stronger body of evidence within adolescent health.

SDG4A Membership

Who can be a member in SDG4A?
If you are a stakeholder – researcher, institution, government partner, implementing partner, CSO, iNGO, PhD Student – currently working within the field of Adolescent health you can be a member in SDG4A.
By providing a brief description of how you are involved in adolescent health research, programming or advocacy we can ensure that all member as legitimate members. By having a closed membership, members can feel comfortable with sharing information and grey literature. All members are approved by our administrators sitting in National Institute for Public Health and with the support from UNFPA Lao PDR and upon registration all members must agree with Terms & Conditions
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The Noi Movement

Noy confidence

Lao Youth Union and Lao Women’s Union have together with UNFPA Lao PDR launched Noi as the representative of all Adolescents in Laos. She represents the movement towards investing in adolescent girls to allow them to fulfil their full potential. Noi can be that girl in the remote village that is forced to get married by the age of 14, or the girl who continues to secondary school however must migrate to the city to work in a factory to provide for her family. She can be that urban girl who goes to school and aspires for a university degree or that young person that stands up in front of a crowd and shares her ideas. We need your help to join the movement; can Noi be used in your country as well? How can we make use of Noi to increase awareness, mobilize resources and allow for investment in adolescent girls? Let’s make Noi the champion of our Adolescent Research Agenda


Our History

The SDG4A Network was founded by National Institute for Public Health (NIOPH) in collaboration with UNFPA Lao PDR and was launched for the first time during the Regional Adolescent Research Workshop held in Lao PDR in October 2016, hosted by NIOPH and co-hosted by UNFPA and MCNV. The network sets out to join partners and stakeholders together to create a joint research agenda within health – starting with a focus on sexual and reproductive health. In addition to generating new evidence the network also want to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources and opportunities within the field.